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What's a CD Term?

When you purchase a CD, you agree to leave your money with the bank for a set amount of time during which you lock in particular rates or conditions. This length of time is known as the TERM of the CD and generally varies from 1 month to 10 years (120 months).

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What's Bank Location?

Some people prefer banks that have a branch located near them so they can transact business in person. The "Bank Location" filter lets you screen out banks that don't have a branch within a certain distance of your selected zip code. You can also select banks that only have a presence online.

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What's Bank Size?

BankFox classifies all banks into two categories based on how much money is deposited with them. Some people prefer larger banks with a nationally known brand name and sophisticated services, whereas others prefer smaller banks which are more locally focused or more service oriented.

Large Banks:Over $10 billion in deposits
Small Banks:Under $10 billion in deposits

Bank size may be unavailable if its not publicly reported or if the bank has recently failed or been acquired.

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What's a Minimum Deposit?

The "Minimum Deposit" is the least amount of money that a bank allows you to invest in a CD when you open it.

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What are CD Features?

CDs are not all the same. Each CD may have varying features ranging from whether you can check its balance online to whether there's a penalty for withdrawing your money early. Below are definitions of some of the most common features you may find in a CD:

Free Early Withdrawals is a feature of CDs in which the bank lets you withdraw your money at any time from the CD without a penalty. These CDs go by various names including Liquid CDs, Risk-Free CDs, No-Penalty CDs, and other names.

Online Banking is a feature offered by banks that lets you use their website to view your account balance and recent transactions. Their website may also allow you other capabilities like contacting customer service and transferring money to or from another account at the bank.

Hard Inquiries are when a banks requires making a "hard credit check" on you when you apply for a CD. Hard Credit Checks may temporarily hurt your credit score a bit, and potentially make it more difficult for you to get a loan or new credit card in the future. Generally most people aren't notably affected by hard credit checks unless they frequently are opening CDs, but in general it is a good idea to minimize them.

Requires Checking: Some banks require that you open or have a checking account with the bank in order to get an advertised rate on a CD. Banks may have different reasons for setting this requirement, but the most common reason is that they want to only give their highest rates to customers who do their day-to-day banking with the institution.

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What Are Ways to Open a CD?

Banks offer different ways for applicants to open a CD.

Apply Online: Applicants fill out a form on the bank website, although some banks may ask for certain documents to be mailed to them in order to complete the application.

Apply In Branch: Applicants must come in to a branch and meet with a bank employee to open a CD.

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What's Bank Health?

BankFox analyzes the financial health of all banks listed on the site and assigns them a score of one to five. (One is the worst score and five is the best score.)

BankFox derives these scores by comparing financial information about current banks with the financials of banks that have failed (gone out of business) in the past. Although the scores are a good overall summary of a bank's health, they should only be viewed as an informed interpretation of a bank's health, but not a definitive measure of whether a bank will fail.

Read more about BankFox HEALTH Reports.

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