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If you've ever asked yourself, "Is a liquid CD the same as a no-penalty CD?" or "What is a 'Tenancy in Common' bank account?" you know that banking can be confusing.

As part of our quest to make banking decisions easier, BankFox has produced the following educational resources:

Free Online Bill Pay: How bill pay works, and its advantages and disadvantages

Liquid CDs: How liquid CDs differ from normal CDs, and why you might want one

Local Banks by City: Local banks in your city

Ally Bank CD Rates: Latest CD rates for Ally

No ATM Fees: How to get all your ATM fees reimbursed

Area Bank Locations: How to find banks near you

Move Your Money: Join the movement!

Use Any ATM for Free: Stop searching for ATMs

List of Federal Credit Unions - BankFox isn't just banks

Joint Accounts: Why people choose joint bank accounts

Credit Unions by State: Credit unions in your state.

Local, FDIC Insured Banks: Find a great, local bank near you.

Rates and accounts may differ by geography so enter your zip code for better information.

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