No ATM Fees: Banks That Refund ATM Fees

No ATM Fees
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Even these kiosks would have no ATM fees!

Read below to learn about ATM fee refunds, or use our comparison tools to evaluate checking accounts or savings accounts that have no ATM fees (we've preselected the "Refunds ATM Fees" filter on the left, under "Features").

We’ve all found ourselves needing cash and nowhere near an ATM owned by our bank. Usually the only choice is to pay to use an ATM owned by another financial institution, and then potentially get an additional surcharge from our own bank – a total fee of up to $10.

For people who find themselves in this situation often, there are now bank accounts that charge no ATM fees, and also refund any ATM charges from other banks. The result is that you can use any ATM in the country and you always end up with no ATM surcharge!

There are a few caveats to these accounts. First, many banks limit the monthly amount of money or number of ATM transactions they’ll refund, so you can’t withdraw money excessively and expect to pay no ATM fees. Second, you won’t be able to use other banks’ ATMs for depositing money – only withdrawing money – so if you use ATMs to deposit checks or cash, you’ll still need to find ones owned by your bank. Regardless, for people who want the convenience of using any ATM in the country, these accounts are smart to have.

In addition to helping you compare banks based on their proximity, fees, free online bill pay, joint account provision, and more, BankFox maintains a list of accounts that refund ATM charges. Below is a sample of some checking accounts and savings accounts that provide an ATM fee refund:

Checking accounts with no ATM fees that refund ATM charges

>> Full list of checking accounts that reimburse ATM fees

Savings accounts with no ATM fees that refund ATM charges

>> Full list of savings accounts that reimburse ATM fees

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