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Bank Accounts That Reimburse ATM Fees 

By BankFoxStaff -- posted June 3, 2009

Many people choose their bank based on which one has the most ATMs near them. Their reason is simple – they hate paying charges for using an ATM that isn’t owned by their bank.

But an increasing number of banks without a lot of ATMs have begun trying to compete by reimbursing ATM surcharges. This perk allows their customers to use whatever ATM they want without ever having to worry about fees.

This week we’ve added a feature to our Checking Account and Savings Account screeners which allows you to see all the bank accounts that reimburse you for ATM surcharges.

In addition, where we have data, we’ve included information on any limits they have for reimbursements. (Often banks will cap the amount of money or number of transactions they’ll reimburse on a monthly basis.)

We recommend checking our Checking Account and Savings Account screeners to find the latest information, but at the time that we’re writing this posting, here are a few of the bank accounts found by BankFox that offer ATM reimbursements:

Checking Accounts:

Savings & Money Market Accounts:

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